Frames & Lenses

Check our wide variety of frame designs and frame lines that we carry. Getting new glasses is easy and convenient. We have our own onsite optical lab which in many cases can make your glasses the same day. We carry many well-known eye wear brands in many classic and contemporary styles. Patient convenience is not the only reason for edging lenses in-house. We are better able to monitor the quality of the glasses to insure that they meet the exact specifications that you require.

There are several new lens options that can enhance your lifestyle. Scratch-resistant lenses, all kinds of various tints, lenses that change and get dark in the sun, anti-glare lenses with an anti-reflective treatment, progressive "no-line" multifocal lenses that help you see better and more naturally, higher index lenses that can reduce your lens thickness, aspheric lens designs to reduce that "bug-eyed" look.

If your eyes are tired and strained at the computer, anti-glare lenses may be the answer. Ultra-violet (UV) tinting to your lenses can help reduce the formation of cataracts or the development of macular degeneration. If your glasses seem too heavy, try a titanium frame or high-index lenses.

These are just a few examples which can help make your glasses better for your lifestyle. AR lenses can help eliminate glare from night driving, computer screens and fluorescent lighting. This glare can cause eyestrain and fatigue. These lenses are now much easier to clean and are much more durable.

New custom design progressive lenses make it easier to adapt to bifocals or multi-focals than ever before. If you are in for your annual eye exam, consider tinting your old lenses in your frame and getting new glasses as a very inexpensive way to get prescription sunglasses.

Come on in to the Rock Island Optometric Center dispensary and discover a whole new world of glasses that you have never imagined. If you have your eyes checked elsewhere, bring in your prescription and you can take advantage of all the latest lens designs. We look forward to serving you!

Contact Lenses

If you have ever been told that you cannot wear contact lenses, the odds are that statement is probably not true.

There have been tremendous advancements in the field of contact lenses. They are not just for near-sightedness or far-sightedness anymore. Most types of astigmatism can be handled with contact lenses. There are numerous types of disposable soft contact lenses that can correct for astigmatism and have you seeing sharply and clearly.

If you wear bifocals, there are plenty of bifocal contact lenses that may let you see great and not need glasses. There is also a technique called monovision with one eye corrected for distance and one eye for nearpoint that can also yield clear vision.

One of the greatest enhancements in the field of contact lenses in the last several years is the advent of silicone hydrogel soft contact lenses. These new lenses have revolutionized the way we fit contact lenses. By incorporating silicone into the contact lens design, these contact lenses allow up to six times more oxygen to flow through the contact lens to your eye! This allows for better comfort, better vision and the ability to sleep in your lenses. For those who don't like to put in and take out contact lenses on a daily basis, there are now plenty of extended wear options ranging from a few days up to a month.

If you want to change or enhance your eye color, there are plenty of contact lenses that can bring out the beauty of your eyes. From a dramatic color change to a slight enhancement, there are soft colored contact lenses that can give you just the appearance you are looking for.

Probably the most convenient way to wear contact lenses are the daily disposable lenses. Imagine you can put in your lenses in the morning for the day or just for your activity, and then take them out and throw them away. No solutions, no cleaning ever. The ultimate in convenience.

Although not as popular as in years past, gas-permeable lenses are still available and still work very well. For those who just cannot see clearly out of soft contact lenses these gas permeable lenses may be the ideal solution.

At the Rock Island Optometric Center, we have free trials of virtually any type of contact lens to see if they will work for you. We also offer a "guaranteed fit" program. So there is absolutely no risk or downside to trying contact lenses to see if they will work for you. We are committed to total patient satisfaction.

Frames Company & Lines

ALTAIR EYEWEAR: Bebe, Tommy Bahama
CLEAR VISION: Ellen Tracy, Jessica McClintock, Izod, Ocean Pacific
KENMARK: Timex, Vera Wang, Dana Buchman, Kensie
L'AMY: Champion
LUXOTTIC: Ray-ban, Coach
MATCH EYEWEAR: Match Eyewear, Helium Paris
MAUI JIM: (primarily sunglasses)
NEW YORK EYE: Marc Hunter, Urban Edge, Seventeen, Joan Collins, Vallerie Spencer
OAKLEY: (primarily sunglasses)
SAFILO: Banana Republic, Juicy Couture, JLO, Carrera,
MARCOLIN: Covergirl, Kenneth Cole, Timberland, Guess, Candies, Rampage, Skechers